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Reverend Darrell L. Armstrong, MDiv., Ed.S, MFT

"We can't incarcerate, adjudicate, nor medicate our way out of this problem...

we must focus on 'preventing' our way out of this problem!"

 ~The Rev. Darrell L. Armstrong

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The Rev. Darrell L. Armstrong is a native of South (Central) Los Angeles, California where he was born and raised.


The Rev. Armstrong is in his 14th year of service as the pastor of the historic Shiloh Baptist Church of Trenton, NJ. Shiloh is a thriving community of faith rooted in a worship tradition which represents the richness of the African diaspora. He is only the church's third pastor in the last 109 years!!! Under his leadership, Shiloh has grown spiritually and tangibly; it has more than tripled its budget to $1.8+M and nearly tripled its membership to 2,200+ (approximately 500+families). 


His policy training at Stanford University (BA in Public Policy), theological training at Princeton Theological Seminary (M.Div.), and therapeutic/clinical training at The College of New Jersey (Ed.S. in marriage & family therapy) have uniquely prepared the Rev. Armstrong to be a respected voice in the national and international child welfare/family strengthening communities. 


He is a certified trainer in the following fields: 

=> Child Sexual Assault (05/2012)-Ms. Fndt's-Enough Abuse Campaign;

=> Infant Mental Health (08/2011 - YCS Institute on Infant Mental Hlth.); 

=> Responsible Fatherhood (08/2010 - Ntl. Partnership for Comm. Learning); 

=> Family Development Credential (08/2009)-Cornell University; 


He sees his "global ministry" as working to make ALL families stronger by addressing issues which impact their physical, mental, and spiritual health and well-being. As such, he is considered an international leader on issues pertaining to child welfare, child displacement, and family strengthening, particularly foster and kinship care.


He is a former member of the NJ Governor's Cabinet for Children (2002-2005), co-chaired the Child Welfare Transition Team for former NJ Governor Jon Corzine (12/05-01/06).  Building on these experiences, the Rev. Armstrong served as the Director of the Division of (Child Abuse) Prevention and Community Partnerships (DPCP) for the NJ Department of Children and Families from March, 2006 to April, 2009. In this position, he oversaw a budget of greater than $100M+ in primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention funding, and was responsible for New Jersey's statewide strategy to prevent child abuse and strengthen families.


Upon leaving state government in April, 2009, he founded the Institute for Clergy Training (IFCT).  The IFCT is dedicated to helping clergy of all faiths better understand and implement in their houses of worship, stronger family engagement programs that strengthen overall family functioning and well-being. Since it's inception in 2009, the IFCT has trained dozens of clergy of ALL faiths to better understand the intersection of child welfare, intimate partner/domestic violence, family violence, substance abuse, and mental health.


He is a member of several international, national, and regional boards & bodies among which include: 

(1) the United Nations Comm. on Religious NGOs [New York]

(2) the National Advisory Board for the federally-funded Quality Improvement Cntr. on Early Childhood [Washington, DC]

(3) Prevent Child Abuse - America, [Illinois] and 

(4) the NJ Child Placement Advisory Council [New Jersey]


He is the author of three books:


(1) "Snapshots of a Foster Child" (11/2008) which chronicles his and his family's experience in the child welfare and county welfare systems in Los Angeles, and


(2) "The Scent of Water: Reflections on Resilience, Hope and Inspiration," (11/2010), a collection of sermons and inspirational writings about the topic of "hope." 


(3) "The Cornerstone of Our Faith: Teaching & Learning the Baptist Articles of Faith," (11/2012) theological reflections about topics of Christian orthodoxy and praxis. 


He is currently working on a multi-volume book series featuring the prolific sermons of his mentor and predeccesor of 53 years, the late Rev. Dr. Samuel Howard Woodson, Jr., who was also the first African American to be elected speaker of any state legislature in the history of the United States!


The Rev. Armstrong has been officially recognized and honored by numerous governmental, religious and civic organizations.


=>  In June, 2001, he was chosen to carry the Olympic Torch for the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympic Games. In December, 2001 he carried the torch in NJ's Capital County (Mercer) on behalf of America's 400,000+ foster children! 


=> In May of 2010, he was chosen to be the 1st non-Presbyterian member of the Princeton Seminary Board of Trustees in its 200-year history (1812-2012).


=>  In January, 2012, he was chosen by Black Village Magazine as one of NJ's "50 Most  Powerful Blacks!"  


=>  Most recently, in April, 2013, he was invited to serve as a Representative to the United Nations through the Baptist World Alliance (B.W.A.), an international ecumenical body of Christians of various Baptist denominations from around the world. 


He is a Member of Chi Sigma Iota  Intl. Honor Society for professional counselors, counselor educators (Alpha Epsilon Chapter) and a proud member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. (Lambda Lambda Sigma Chapter), a historically Black Greek Letter Organization founded in 1914.


Rev. Darrell L. Armstrong, M.Div., Ed.S.-MFT

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